Managers prepare for Y2K

MCI WorldCom plans nearly 2,000 layoffs

ABC's union troubles affecting political coverage

Congress members can donate without limits

'99 to be good for economy

Caterpillar to expand Sumter plant

Knology gets ready for the future

New anti-money laundering rules spark protest on bank privacy

FCC mulling telephone company mergers

Public workers don't necessarily want Social Security

U.S. statehood would mean windfall for Puerto Rico

Russian government draws up austerity budget

Senate ratifies IMF aid package

White House Social Security talks just the beginning

Many regions report slower economic growth

U.S. trade deficit hits record high

Ricky Williams set to claim the Heisman Trophy

Clemson's Abdullah to go pro

Georgia's Stinchcomb, Bailey named to coaches' All-America team

Western Illinois defense to present test for Southern

Bowden completes staff with hiring of Rodriguez

Trojans' coach still hurting from Norcross accident

Leathernecks key on dominating defense

Kent beats St. Joseph's, Ind. in lopsided game

Lions' coach, 4 players honored

Playoffs showcase prospects

Lynx steer past Ice Pilots

Avalanche tops Rangers

Lynx ledger

Boston beats Carolina in final minutes

Lynx goalie has no time to rest

Hockey team finds niche in Augusta

Devils defeat Flyers in overtime

Competition brightens season

Worker charged in blaze

Tradition continues at Hopelands

Bird sanctuary planning to expand, open to public viewing

School construction to begin

Storage facility gets OK

Lawsuit in death tossed

Goods auctioned by Medical College

Suspect to admit his guilt

Housing Authority to monitor records

Coliseum board official questions impartiality

Across the area

Volunteers aid needy for holiday

Single mom seeks help

Applications for Aiken safety position due

Airport panel opposes transfer

Mrs. Beasley in intensive care after childbirth complications

Hollings, Coverdell won in funding race

Multiple births keep hospital hopping

Helping hands

Drought causing worries

Area bands to play at bowls

Accident probe questions brigade

Students hurt in bus accident

Barnes to create education panel

Injury cost woman job, home

Impact fee solution dismissed

Looking for leaders not easy

Project inquiry fruitless

Infant deaths falling

Can't drive 55

Breezy Hill brightens season

Famous ex-slave honored

Woman seeks holiday help

Across the area

Report criticizes spending

President's house project continues

Find may influence task force

Union: NBA season not over yet

Locked-out players' game may be hard sell in Atlantic City

Long strange trip for Saints' Collins

Jones says aloha to Hawaii

NFL notes: Kraft touts benefits of stadium proposal

Replay nightmare

Bears ready for one of biggest rivalries

Mr. George Toole

Ms. Vera Bing

Mrs. Alice Tapley

Mr. William Handberry

Mrs. Jewell Chalker

Mr. James Powell

Kristin Newton

Mrs. Margaret Floyd

Mr. Paul Lovette

Mr. Walter Rouse

Mrs. Betty Marcus

Mrs. Elma Wood

Mr. Marion Kelly

Mrs. Ruby Ivey

Mrs. Trudell Taylor

Mrs. Mary Heath

Mr. Thomas Harding Jr.

Mr. Johnny Pressley

Mr. Charles Bowman Sr.

Mrs. Leona Walker

Mrs. Pearl Smith

Mr. Allan Silver

Mr. William Glover

Mrs. Elsie Parker

Mr. J. Porter Carpenter

Mr. Boise Hankerson Jr.

Mr. Ernest Gay

Ms. Margaret Beasley

Mr. Howard Brooks

Mrs. Janie Orr

Mr. Gary Hermsmeier Sr.

Mr. Lock Whigam Jr.

Mr. Charlie Hammond Jr.

Mr. Robert Thurmond Jr.

Mr. Joseph Plunkett

Mrs. Irene Carswell

Mr. Leonard May

Mrs. Bennett Sumner

Mr. W.A. Gray

Mr. Louie Moss III

Mrs. Dott Brown

Abel Bridgers

Mr. William Sipe

Mr. George Toole

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Argues nation founded on Christianity 121098 - The Augusta Chronicle

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Espy no angel 121198 - The Augusta Chronicle

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Calls for investigation, not cover-up 121198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Claims blacks re-enslave themselves 121198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: Winter becomes bright spot on baseball calendar for free agents 121198 - The Augusta Chronicle

DiMaggio's congestion worsens slightly

Speedway Motorsports purchases Las Vegas Speedway

Leadbetter ends relationship with Pak

Braves content entering meetings

Fishing report: Back off banks to avoid spooking clear water fish

Clemens, Brown ready to move

International team takes early lead

Overtime: Hoosiers out to win college soccer crown

Overtime: Boxing champ Archie Mooredead at 84

Losses sting team

IOC opens probe into Salt Lake City payments

Thermally incompatible couples endure winters of discontent

Demand rising for new livers

Cures for common cold, flu coming within reach

Network appeals to immigrants' yearning for old world

New treatment for macular degeneration

Applause calendar

There's some method to the madness of folk cures

Gardening calendar

Living-donor liver transplant takes 2 surgeries

The Flys are always active

Health and fitness calendar

Scrooge's not such a bad guy

More medical professionals try the alternatives

Video watch

FDA approves AIDS drug to treat hepatitis B

Mini movie reviews

Latest 'Star Trek' unconvincing

Concert calendar

Augusta rocked, but not politely

Latest 'Star Trek' unconvincing

Carry-on controversy

Club calendar

Health capsules: Chocolate history

Nielsens: Schroder helps ABC win

Echinacea's acclaim at fighting colds may be overhyped, studies say

Holiday exotic

'Babe' flops; Hollywood wonders why

Ramblin' Rhodes: Warren Brothers not identical

The Partridge Inn offers an interesting dining experience

Christmas parades return

Toddlers pump iron at fitness club just for kids

Skeleton discovered

Special heart treatment

Astronauts flip on lights of 'fantastic' new home

Test on mother's blood can find Rh factor

Cold kills more than 700 Americans a year

Microsoft says it tried to improve Java computer language

Less forceful air bags appear to protect adults

Environmental group launches hog-watcher website

Tiny worm is first animal to have entire genetic code mapped

Russia's nuclear chief hails deal with Iran

Researchers find evidence of ancient asteroid or comet impact

Spacewalking astronauts go back out

Official praises Pantex plant