Originally created 11/27/98

Says city has worst roads in the U.S. 112798 - The Augusta Chronicle

With the possible exception of Philadelphia, Augusta has the most rotten roads among large cities across the country -- and I've driven (around) most of those cities.

The Bobby Jones Expressway is a joke; Wrightsboro Road to downtown wasn't bad until it was repaired! Central Avenue is reminiscent of Kosovo. Deans Bridge Road is an engineering marvel, with ripples sporadically placed and miniature pyramids and holes and concrete bridges with authoritative bumps at each end. Take the one in front of Regency Mall and the one near Morgan Road.

But the winner is Wheeless Road, a couple of hundred feet from Millegeville Road. The tops of that "arroyo" must reach six inches. What a springbreaker!

Let's add these 1890-era dips masquerading as runoff ditches on Deans Bridge at Augusta Tech Drive and at Barton Chapel Road and the gully at Newman Tennis Center on Wrightsboro: all spine-jarring offenses. We seem to build flat roads to hold the rain and roadside canals to form rivers.

No one seems to oversee and correct these monstrosities. They increase. Rumor claims that the forman of the road resurface at Jackson and Wrightsboro was nearly fired because the joining was almost imperceptible.

Most patches around the city make the road worse. I bet every reader could give you a list of "pet" streets he tries to avoid.

Where will it stop? The Georgia Department of Transportation also seems determined to make the first 30 miles of I-20 going west as rough as the first 30 miles going east, and I am convinced they'll do it. ...

Raymond Donges,Hephzibah


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