Originally created 11/27/98

Want prescription-writing authority 112798 - The Augusta Chronicle

We are registered nurses who work alongside nurse practitioners and physicians in a primary care setting. We would like to comment on the Oct. 22 article "Calling the Shots."

The nurse practitioner is an advanced practice nurse whose focus in on wellness. The primary job of the NP is maintaining or improving the health of clients by exploring individual lifestyle changes that could be made to prevent or allay the problematic diseases of aging (i.e. diabetes, obesity, hypertension, stroke and kidney failure, to name a few).

The NP is trained and competent to perform complete physical examinations, fully capable of ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests and qualified to prescribe appropriate medications and treatment. Collaboration and consultation with physicians on complex cases are part of the NP's duties.

Georgia has a very high incidence of preventable diseases and we do not believe the NPs are being used to their maximum potential in improving the health of the citizens of the state. Therefore, we feel the authority to independently write prescriptions should surely be granted to the NPs while performing their duties in Georgia, as it is in the other 49 states.

Delores Campbell, RN,Mary Forbes, RN,Augusta


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