Russian official warns of 'national catastrophe'

ABC sues locked out employees

Fox TV's programming head resigns

Industry analyst: 1998 and 1999 will be record years for airlines

$1 million donor honored

U.S. trade deficit improves in September

Nonunion FedEx workers rally in company's support

Packing company expands

State AGs weighing whether to sign tobacco deal

Clothing bonus has bank employees dressed for success

Ben & Jerry's fighting efforts to unionize

Election commission considers banning soft money donations

Economic gap between U.S., other nations is huge

Clinton won't recommend a Social Security solution

Stocks rise as Fed cuts rates again

Brazil's financial markets rally after announcement of aid program

Southern cities posts strong home price gains

Treasury wants low-cost accounts for federal beneficiaries

Layoffs are not planned

Business briefs

Balan named top business person of year

Free-trade summit begins in Malaysia amid deep discord

Moody's downgrades Japanese debt

Inflation 0.2 percent in October

Interest rates cut by Federal Reserve

Air France strike grounds flights for second day

Trade summit in Malaysia ends without dramatic action

Europe dominates investment in states

Hatfield understands cruelty of profession

Stinchcomb's injury forces another shakeup on Dawgs line

Clemson's Tommy West fired

Clemson puzzled by year

Heels hold off Bulldogs

Coaching changes rumors fly

West sacked by Clemson

No one reason for Gamecocks' spiral

No one reason for Gamecocks' spiral

College football notes: Oliver likely to retire

Now is time for Clemson to move forward

Rally too late for Augusta State

Heels hold off Bulldogs

Prep notes: Stapleton decides on Lander

Georgia prep poll

Hephzibah football coach fired

Georgia player of the week

South Carolina player of the week

Walker is No. 1 concern

Flyers defense helps beat Penguins

Lynx ledger

Expert questions: Animal control

Storms' effects on crops differ

Expert questions: Economic development

E-mail is good way to tell joke

Charity group lacks turkeys for needy families

Canal authority's director leaving job

City attorney's objection met with fire

TVA added to tritium race

School urges parents to get involved

PSC commissioner resigning, much to Republicans' dismay

Expert questions: The library

Forum focuses on information flow

Welfare mothers maintaining jobs

Citizens group begins appeals process to block state prison

Expert questions: The indigent

Across the area

Weapons found on students

Leak causes minor harm

Brigade awaits mission's plan

Audit reveals solid financial status

Area court now to try case again

Burning rubber

Expert questions: Public and private ventures

Hodges juggling finances

State midway on environmental group's toxins list

Aiken Steeplechase field shrinks

Lawyer key in bargain

Fort praised by secretary of the Army

Expert questions: The homeless

City may give land for free golf course

Nude bars approved with other alcohol licensees

Board's meeting debated

County makes land purchase

Program stresses mentor recruiting

City names new leader to position


Across the area

Heels hold off Bulldogs

Van Gundy on waiting: 'I'm professionally bored'

Falk: Jordan sidelined for now in talks

Kramer and Stenstrom sit out practice

Tigers find way to lose

Broncos chugging toward perfection

Showdown in Miami? '72 Dolphins rooting for Broncos to lose

O'Donnell benched as Justin gets first start

In-season roster additions making an impact for Panthers

Thomas suspended, Simmons waived by angry Chiefs

Mrs. Frances Young

Mrs. Rebecca Nobles

Mr. Robert Blackwood

Dr. Gopinath Kalla

Mr. Charlie Harden

Mrs. Lillie Evans

Mrs. Nina Griffin

Mr. Andrew Pennington Jr.

Ms. Wygean Buggs

Mrs. Claudine Prather

Mr. Garland Hite

Ms. Carrie Coleman

Mrs. Mildred Cheek

Mr. William Wilson Jr.

Mr. Oma Moore

Mrs. Ann Nelson

Mrs. Ruth Jackson

Mr. Ernest Priester

Mrs. Myrtice Clark

Ms. Tiffany van Voorhis

Mr. Bowen Asserson

Mrs. Louise Wilson

Mr. Harold Martin

Mr. Collie Richardson

Defend 'special' students in class 111898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Claims Clinton couldn't be 'cowboy' 111998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Backs `man of vision' for mayor 111898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Assails stereotyping 'special' students 111998 - The Augusta Chronicle

MCG rips 'pot' myth 111998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Backs mayoral candidate with 'vision' 111998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Aiken County schools lead S.C. into 21st century 111898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says pundits miss meaning of election 111998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Urges churches to encourage turnout 111898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits 'butchery' of Old World religions 111998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Lax spill response 111998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Slams critic of mayoral candidate 111998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports 'special' students 111898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Nielsen's valedictory 111998 - The Augusta Chronicle

New IRL engine rules, but rift with CART remains

Woods regains touch at Grand Slam

Police gear up for soccer games

Golf notes: Norman to be research "guinea pig"

Woods takes PGA Grand Slam

Hingis beats fellow Swiss

Pierce, Graf, Hingis win Chase matches


Glavine wins second Cy Young Award

Braves pitcher should get his due with No. 2

Fitness fans turn spare rooms into gyms

Pneumonia: Battling the season

Small portions

Side dish made with ingredients commonly used

Women may need earlier HIV treatment

Eat for life

Nuts, chocolate combine to make sweet ending to the holiday meal

Health capsules

Fund-raising comes under fire from PTA members

National Book Award winners announced

Should healthy adults take daily aspirin?

Anniversary sparks historical look at 'Sesame Street'

New therapy for heart patients

Hype or revolution? Alternative medicine spurs debate

Shortcuts can make holiday meal a breeze to complete


Seafood adds traditional spin to family Thanksgiving cooking

Health and fitness calendar

Supermarket Shopper

Antibiotic may help community-acquired infections

Fat cats (and dogs) in winter

Just what is in the stars?

Consumer campaign warns some foods and medicines don't mix

Diagnosis, treatment of attention deficit still uncertain

PBS explores how the 'Net works

Microsoft goes on the offense

New space station can't replace beloved Mir

Government urged not to build nuclear waste site in Nevada

North Korea calls Japanese satellite plan `military action'

Johnston expanding with Web

Dinosaur site yields embyro remains

Researcher claims piece of the asteroid that killed dinosaurs

Gene causes hereditary deafness among Ashkenazi Jews

Booksellers leading way for Internet books

Children may learn to like tobacco while breast-feeding

Stars fade as Russia's space program shrinks

Government delays release of Microsoft trial papers


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