Chamber of Commerce opens new office

Brazil unveils wide-ranging budget-cutting plan

Fidelity paging service to offer investors quicker market access

Saturn pins hopes on third door

Pro terminators: Howdy, you're fired

Chrysler marks 15th anniversary of minivan

Georgia Bank & Trust shows strong earnings

Wall Street embraces Karmazin as new CBS chief

Imagyn: Viagra development decreased sales

Dow breaks out of slumber with gain of 123

Business briefs

Cox subsidiary launches coupons on-line

Speaker shares success formula

Brazilian president battles to win support for austerity plan

Tech stocks lead Nasdaq and Dow higher

Court reverses Chrysler safety recall

NBA lockout reverberates off court

Expert: Holidays look blue

Admiring Dad's award

U.S. new-home sales decline in September

Japanese oil companies merge

Nations endorse U.S. proposal for economic crisis

New savings bond option available soon

Economy shows surprising resilience

As Wall Street goes, so goes New York City

Elderly face confusing choices as their HMOs quit Medicare

Retailers pitching electronic gift cards for holidays

Spurrier of the moment

Big year for Grove City's Bowers

Soap opera at Auburn fit for Springer

Rivalry has renewed intensity

ACC notebook

Division I-AA turns to playoffs instead of computers

SEC notebook

Defensive struggle expected

Rivals with a cause

Georgia prep notebook

S.C. prep notebook

Swainsboro must forfeit seven games

Hurricanes 2, Blackhawks 0

Lynx begin long road trip

Avalanche 4, Sharks 2

Blues 3, Red Wings 1

Senators 3, Flyers 1

Boston scores at will

GOP likely to stay in control of House

Future of med school plotted

Race boasts rising Republican

PeachCare to offer children insurance

HMO planned for University Hospital

Group promises to aid pupils

Absent mayor focus of forum

Man sues daughter over choice

Candidates pound streets

Beer becoming traditional halloween drink

Federal prison offering tours

Feminine boy causes commotion

Halloween haunting

Adultery is always surprising

Vandals damage blood center vehicles

Spartanburg man makes movie snow

Robber will get prison

Trick or treat

Recycling plant opposed

Jail in danger of overcrowding

Library designs shared

Last-minute campaigning relies on personal contact

War hero honored

State's top GOP hopefuls far apart

No heart problems found for Winters

Public safety lesson

Across the area

Teacher of year shares education views at event

Judge puts off decision

Board's planning tentative

Legislator's ads bash nominee

Assault verdict coming

Across the area

Beasley works strongholds

Carolina's top draft choice breaks hand in fight in practice

Taylor lead list Hall of Fame nominees

Ravens logo lawsuit in hands of jury

Falcons injury report lengthy

Panther's notebook

Falcons notebook

Elway closes in on 50,000-yard checkup

Injured Falcons players on the mend

Collins will watch old team, not play against Panthers

Book claims 21 percent of NFL players committed serious crimes

Mr. Flenoise Torrence

Mr. Solomon Roberts

Mr. Ronnie Clifton

Mrs. Mattie Rushton

Mr. John McCreary

Mrs. Hilda Anders

Mrs. Beulah Trowell

Mrs. Dorothy McBride

Mrs. Margaret Summerall

Mrs. Ludell Barnes

Mrs. Katie Glover

Mr. Leon Burrows

Mrs. Anna Greene

Mrs. Maymelu Claxton

Mr. Henry Dunn

Mr. Jarrett Dunbar Jr.

Mrs. Annie Mills

Mr. Hosie White

Fingerlin quadruplets

Mr. Andra Lee

Ms. Nicole Ealey

Mr. Willie Middleton

Mr. William Simmons

Mrs. Rebecca Guillebeau

Mrs. Mae Kinsey

Mr. Gorman Williams

Mrs. Gladys Corbin

Mr. Robert McAmis

Mr. Harvey McCall Jr.

Mr. Mose Boyd

Mrs. Ethel Hartley

New jobs (for Mexico) 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits 'friend of gambling' in S.C. race 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Backs incumbent in governor's race 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Urges re-election of 'dedicated' senator 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Louds 'dedicated' S.C. House candidate 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Back 'leader' as mayoral candidate 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports 'leader' as mayoral candidate 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says industrial recruitment top issue 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Praises Coles, blasts his opponent 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Seeks more conservation of resources 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports 'visionary' in mayoral race 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Beasley opponents must be stopped 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

For U.S. Congress, Ga. 10th District: Charlie Norwood 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

A nutty win 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Nail eco-terrorists 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Likes 'parents representative' for Board 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Requests re-election of 'dedicated' senator 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Glenn's reward 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Chastices Young on negative campaign 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants media to defend GIs' free speech 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: Barnes muddies the race for school superintendent 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Correction 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts Sconyers' lack of leadership 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports re-election of S.C. governor 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Stands for 'education, traditional values' 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Sees no differences between parties 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Favors 'known quantity' in Dist. 3 race 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Thanks senator for serving Dist. 23 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Lauds 'newcomer' for School Board 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Endorses supporter of medical community 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Touts Mitch Skandalakis, hits foe 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts Sconyers' record, promises 102998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants conservative in Dist. 115 race 103098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Singh leads by three

Hiring Baylor may be first change for Braves

NASCAR Winston Cup schedule

Hakkinen confident of fair fight in Formula One season-ending race

No talks scheduled

Jaguars dominate Newberry

New tournament to be final official event of year

UConn unanimous choice in Big East

Steinbrenner talks of hiring Belle

Tour Championship to decide everything but money title

Tyson plans to fight in January

Johnson files for free agency

Decision on androstenedione months away

Labonte prepares for his 605th career

Golf notes

DiMaggio's condition improves

Sampras still No. 1, for now

Sampras, Rios advance in Stuttgart

A gift of life, and a race to run

Moceanu attains settlement with parents

NASCAR driver to delay surgery

All eyes on speed for Marlboro 500

Fishing Report: Hybrids still schooling, but in different spots

Adults enjoy Halloween spirit

Cool fruits

Researchers focusing on ways to slow Alzheimer's

Showdown after showdown 'Vampires' is disappointing

Beach at the Bell party will have locals swingin'

Columnist gives parting words

Ramblin' Rhodes: Singer's popularity fostered by videos

Applause calendar

Health capsules

Concert calendar

Mini movie reviews

Rocker prefers the arena

Mediterranean flavor in the heart of Augusta

Spooky activites to haunt Augusta

Video watch

Allman not always full of joy

How to tell if your child is really sick

FDA recommends wider use of aspirin

Massage can soothe ailing infants

At any age, quitting smoking reduces risk of heart disease

Health and fitness calendar

Anatomy class brings new level of realism

Mediterranean flavor in the heart of Augusta

Gardening calendar

Club calendar

Encyclopedias benefit from CD-ROM

Scaled-back AIDS treatment fails

Terrorism concerns raised by EPA chemical site plan for Internet

Researcher finds connection between quakes, volcanic eruptions

Global warming: Temperature already rising among negotiators

American hero returns to space today

Natural History museum updating scientific facts

Scientists: Global warming requires a peacetime Manhattan Project

Adult brains can grow new cells

Payload specialist No. 2 has familiar routine

Discovery launch thrills locals of all ages

America Online says Internet contract hinged on Windows

Study: Users of the illegal drug Ecstasy risk brain damage

World's fastest computer honored

SEC makes nationwide anti-Internet fraud sweep

More evidence found that end of dinosaurs came from the sky

Community grieves quadruplets' deaths

Shark cartilage worthless against cancer

Microsoft attorneys turn tables in antitrust trial

Methuselah gene keeps fruit flies alive

MUSC gets $6 million for cancer study

Ask the Computer Guy

Local man picked Glenn originally

Scientists puzzling over deaths of 300 starlings

Dozens of students exposed to mercury at Arizona school