Originally created 10/25/98

Bashes S.C. video poker practices 102598 - The Augusta Chronicle

What's happened to all the talk regarding video poker in South Carolina?

Maybe because it's an election year, no one wants to rock the boat.

Let me give all video poker players something to think about: Did you know there is a statute on the South Carolina books calling for a minimum payback of no less than 85 percent on all video poker machines statewide?

Do you think there is even one machine anywhere in this state that meets these requirements? Have you won back even 10 percent of the money you have lost; let alone the required 85 percent?

There are already many lawsuits pending based on the addiction theory. I'm surprised there are not just as many based on a fraud theory.

Think about it before you slide in another $20!

William D. Street, Graniteville

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