Originally created 10/25/98

Protests apology for editorial cartoon 102598 - The Augusta Chronicle

So Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, doesn't like Rick McKee's Oct. 14 cartoon, eh? Well, too bad!

That's just like Sen. Walker to pull out the old race card and wave it around when he's on shaky ground.

... (T)he cartoon was right on the money in depicting the senator's propensity for quid pro quo. He is a ball and chain and merely happens to be black. I have (retired cartoonist) Clyde Wells' book and Sen. Walker didn't recieve any "byes" from Mr. Wells either; Sen. Walker's just trying to cower the "new" kid on the street. And here I thought your newspaper was an "Equal Opportunity Skewerer."

You disappoint me; do me a favor and get a grip!

Chris Kirby, Dearing


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