Originally created 10/25/98

Notes 'disturbing reports' in Jones case 102598 - The Augusta Chronicle

The recent report that Independent Counsel Ken Starr assisted alawyer representing Paula Jones in her suit against President Bill Clinton is another example of the abuse of the Office of the Special Counsel.

The fact that a lawyer who had been consulted by the Jones lawyers should be the one to investigate the president for allegations dealing with that case is a clear conflict of interest. It should have been disclosed to the Justice Department before expanding the Whitewater investigation into matters relating to Monica Lewinsky.

Another lawyer working in the Jones case who had close ties to a lawyer who had been a partner in Mr. Starr's old law firm alerted Mr. Starr's office to the Lewinsky affair one week before Linda Tripp contacted the Special Prosecutor's Office.

This early tip-off raises troubling questions about collusion between the Jones' lawyers, funded in part by the conservative Rutherford Institute, and the Office of the Independent Counsel.

Mr. Starr's office also has violated criminal law by leaking secret grand jury information to the press.

These recent disturbing reports all deserve thorough and impartial examination by the Justice Department.

Howard M. Rosen, Augusta


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