Originally created 10/24/98

Notes low pay for CNAs in CSRA 102498 - The Augusta Chronicle

The recent article on nursing home deficiencies, while informative, needs a follow up. A subject that needs to be addressed is the pay scale of the Certified Nursing Assistants. On national average, the pay for a CNA is $7.44 an hour -- a very fair amount for a full-time employee in this field. In the Central Savannah River Area, the average is much lower. I have worked in the nursing home environment and I know the full value of a CNA.

The time has come to stop the nickel-and-dime reasoning for our elders' care. We all need to stop and think the next time we ask, "Do you see what CNAs get paid for taking care of Mom?"

Martin Luther King Jr. stated, "There is dignity in all work," but he did not say it should be done at a substandard rate. A nation is judged by its young and elder care!

Angelo V. Secreto, Augusta


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