Originally created 10/24/98

Predicts results of 'the blind leading the blind' 102498 - The Augusta Chronicle

To each his own, but:

--When Bill Clinton can deny what he had with Monica Lewinsky -- and other women -- (claiming it) was inappropriate, but not "sex."

--When Mr. Clinton can shut down the government (in 1995) with his arrogant veto and insist that it was the Republican Party.

--When in 1995, the Democratic news media cut Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich's "I hope it withers on the vine" statement out of a tape on another subject and spliced it onto a tape about Medicare and Social Security.

--When Vice President Al Gore insists that American cars and factories must be cut back because they are causing the "El Nino effect" and destroying the environment

--When Nancy Fowler of Conyers insists that (the Virgin) Mary visits and talks to her, and scores of other people believe all the above, then let me take a cue from Matthew 15:14 and say: When the blind lead the blind, someone will be deceived and wind up believing a falsehood.

J. F. Rodgers, Clearwater


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