Australians face gas shortage

Credit companies use premiums to attract users

Goldman Sachs decide on timing of IPO

Value of construction contracts lower in August

House votes lower student loan interest rate

Health benefits cutoff challenged in worker-comp case

Pump prices jump by penny per gallon

Titan Wheel will complete Grovetown plant

Would interest rate cut slow economic troubles?

Levitt says other hedge funds 'probably' at risk

Interest rate cut good news for economy

Budget writers reject $7.3 billion Democratic aid plan

PAL workers protest accord

Consumer confidence falls 7.1 points

Japan's bank crisis creating credit crunch

Flute makers flounder

Business briefs

Tommy Hilfiger to pull White House ads

Georgia's not hog wild about fouling farms

Rate cut would limit, not end, global turmoil

Gillette announces to cut 4,700 jobs

Russia gets new tax chief

Retailers nervous about holiday season

Dow slips 28 points on rate cut news

Couple may sell 'Star'

World Bank says Asia crisis could get worse

Work perks getting positively posh

Lions' ground game last year still grates Buckeyes

Strength of program now reeling

Special teams a special concern for Yellow Jackets

Fulmer tells players about Tennessee-Auburn series

Playbook wide open for LSU

Gators armed with two quarterbacks

Clemson's players not worried about talk of West's job status

DuBose says it's back to the basics at Alabama

S.C. changing a lot, except it's head coach

Tech tackle possesses many talents

Georges disrupts Auburn's practice schedule

Tigers' QB job up for grabs

College notes

Georgia player of week

South Carolina player of week

Beasley won't fight vote on lottery

Carrsville project gets grant funds

Crews test emergency skills

Flexible friendship

Trip may help rates for county

Across the area

County wants to pave more dirt roads

Grovetown city hall plans at standstill

County not responsible for account

Excel again gets delay of site annexation vote

Storm shouldn't alarm area yet

Trio use bats, hoses to pistolwhip teen

Columbia families get center

Parolee still seen as threat

University Hospital says it needs more funds

Candidates talk tough on crime

Some assembly required

Jews repent sins on Yom Kippur

Mulherin will hear death case

Corps working to clear debris

Citizens request additional SRS funding

Postcards come from near, afar

Three local museums fight to get funding

Across the area

School: Poor can do well

Area schools in top 100 of state HOPE ranking

Borison trial jury selected

Another lawsuit filed on poker zoning law

Parcells still uncertain about Foley's condition

Pack shores up backfield with Holmes

Falcons coach disappointed by loss

Rams have dropped eight in a row at Trans World Dome

Charlie Batch: the education of a young quarterback

Stranded Saints take hard hit from Georges

Winless Panthers assesses latest injuries

Lions devour Buccaneers

Deficient ground game puts burden on Favre

Mr. Dale L. Clark, 62, Alleluia founding member

Mrs. Anise Hogan

Rev. Leroy Miles Jr.

Mrs. Cornelia Voliton

Mrs. Annie Tanner

Mrs. Zuda Hagans

Miss Mary Whitaker

Ms. Mary Hall

Mrs. Bessie Overstreet

Mr. Gabriel Rouquie

Mrs. Verdis Miller

Rev. Eloise Gary

Dr. Marguerite Frierson

Mrs. Eloise Pardue

Ms. Earnestine Howell

Laments Corps' `heavy-handedness' 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Coles' shameless smear 093098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Questions 'worth' of scandal 093098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Raps Senate candidate's HMO ads 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Surprised by statement 093098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Observes 'Republican congress' 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Commends newspapers for stand 093098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Pandering 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Extols record of S.C. senator 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Bothered by Clinton's actions 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

A Georgian in Canada 093098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Cites effects of domestic violence 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Praises leaders for attention to safety 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants national cemetery for Augusta 093098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Touts alternatives to animal deaths 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Defends new building's architecture 093098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits 'whitewash' of Clinton 093098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Pro-lifers do object to the `morning-after pill' 093098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Asserts LPNs not expendable 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts Larke over principal switches 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Asks if Republicans are above the law 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Urges pet owners to be responsible 093098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Claims Clinton is 'establishing legacy' 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports spaying, neutering 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Daly is relaxed in return to competitive golf

Grand Slam winners missing from Grand Slam Cup

Red-hot Smoltz is Braves' big-game pitcher

Hingis leads way for women at Grand Slam Cup

Braves ready for postseason

Cubs received intervention from up above

Overtime: Boxing bouts slated today

Hingis leads way for women at Grand Slam Cup

Sosa gets playoffs, not home run crown

Lynx ice nearly ready

Sun, sand and solitude beckon for McGwire

Players union considers next move in NBA lockout

Cubs travel to Atlanta

Family matter: Stottlemyre vs. Stottlemyre

Baseball roundup: Baylor fired by Rockies

Cycling team doctors rebuked

Foreman vs. Holmes: a fight for the aged

Overtime: Howell wins first college tournament

Retirement may be surest path to golf hall

'Blue's Clues' is a big hit in nation's toy stores

Senior calendar

Age old questions

Foil cooking makes a low-fat, all-in-one meal easy to prepare

Bungee into New Zealand's virtual museum

Sweet, delicate flavor imbues Thai dessert

Night watch

Small portions

'Felicity' is finally premiering

Regular Joes

The Divine Miss M has uplifting plans

Jewish cook melds culture and food on her TV show

Promise for those who can't take Viagara

Faith Ford tackles the transition from co-star to star

Good service yields happy customers

Dilbert creator performs for fans for first time

'Roseanne' show yanked from local lineup

Homemade stromboli a tasty alternative to takeout

Off the Wall: Arts can strengthen soul, ego

Expert doubts authenticity of possible Lincoln photo

Secondhand smoke may increase fetus' risk of childhood cancer

People's pharmacy

The big screen

Practicing their ABZ's

Your style

Xtreme audio

Lisa Loeb sees life through funny glasses

Wind power attracting new customers

America Online discloses $88 million charge

Airports to use federal funds for Y2K problems

Scientists zeroing in on gene for inherited prostate cancer

Technique might quickly screen cow brains for mad-cow proteins

Scientists find gene that helps mom do her job

Intel, Kodak make it easier to zap photos across Internet

For some, charity begins on the home page

Nasal spray flu vaccine found to work better than flu shot

Internet access to articles, songs, research could be limited

Visa deal for programmers anger labor groups

Obscure Microsoft challenger gets financial backing

Hybrid poplar trees suck up heavy metals and solvents

Salaries high for grads with tech skills

Microsoft says new book disproves antitrust case

Oracle fights Microsoft document-digging

'Salon' bureau chief quits over Hyde affair story

'Living fossils' surface in Indonesia

Surf the net for bed and breakfast inns

Web sites seize visitors, don't let go