Business briefs

Credit companies use premiums to attract users

Work perks getting positively posh

Japan's bank crisis creating credit crunch

Retailers nervous about holiday season

Gillette announces to cut 4,700 jobs

Would interest rate cut slow economic troubles?

Georgia's not hog wild about fouling farms

Pump prices jump by penny per gallon

Goldman Sachs decide on timing of IPO

Australians face gas shortage

S.C. changing a lot, except it's head coach

USC's starters should be concerned

DuBose says it's back to the basics at Alabama

College notes

Lions' ground game last year still grates Buckeyes

Ga. Tech defense aced UNC

LSU worried about Ga. defense

Bates eclipses Northwestern reception record

Additional area news

Property owners to come out ahead

Single moms on the increase

Borison trial jury selected

Area playgrounds face problems

Carrsville project gets grant funds

Students to graduate from all-online course

Three local museums fight to get funding

Parolee still seen as threat

Across the area

Home front: Firemen restoring house

Grovetown city hall plans at standstill

New office for judge under fire

Excel again gets delay of site annexation vote

Voters limited in ethics cases

Storm shouldn't alarm area yet

Building the walls

County wants to pave more dirt roads

Georgia's jails are troubled

Education issues now focal point in race

Breaking bread, tossing it, to bring the new year in

Columbia families get center

Republican comes out against Beasley

Trip may help rates for county

County loses in scandal

School: Poor can do well

Candidates talk tough on crime

Flexible friendship

Beasley won't fight vote on lottery

Parents center to open

University Hospital says it needs more funds

Saints edge Colts in OT

Doak Walker, legendary runningback, dies at 71

Vikings win in shootout with Bears

Falcons coach disappointed by loss

Cardinals topple Rams at home

Lions devour Buccaneers

Interception signaled Dallas loss

Rams have dropped eight in a row at Trans World Dome

Jaguars win another close one

Steelers top Seahawks by 3

Eagles can't seem to win

Deficient ground game puts burden on Favre

Giants trample Chargers, Leaf

Stranded Saints take hard hit from Georges

Panthers give Packers a scare

Winless Panthers assesses latest injuries

Falcons notes: Defense holds Hearst

Brister leads Broncos in rout

Sizzling Falcons cooled by 49ers

Mr. Chapell McMillan Sr.

Mr. Racy Loren

Mr. James Parkman

Mr. Leonard Kneece Sr.

Mr. Maynard Kairnan

Mr. Newman Himley

Mr. Roland Hodges

Mr. Herman Boettjer Sr.

Mr. Samuel Howard

Where's Jessye? 092898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Claims Clinton is 'establishing legacy' 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Defends mayor in re-election bid 092898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Asserts LPNs not expendable 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Raps Senate candidate's HMO ads 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts Larke over principal switches 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Urges continued funding of museum 092898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Asks if Republicans are above the law 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants Starr impeached 092898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Praises leaders for attention to safety 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Observes 'Republican congress' 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Touts alternatives to animal deaths 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports spaying, neutering 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says no respect lost 092898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Pandering 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Area school ranking: The weak link 092898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Extols record of S.C. senator 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Seeks 'tolerance' for canal 'gator 092898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Cites effects of domestic violence 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Bothered by Clinton's actions 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

No confidence 092898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Laments Corps' `heavy-handedness' 092998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Lauds mayor for stopping gas chamber 092898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Braves notes: Weather comes in play

Braves quietly march to best season ever

Rudd overcomes heat to extend record winning streak

Sun, sand and solitude beckon for McGwire

Grand Slam winners missing from Grand Slam Cup

Baseball roundup: Baylor fired by Rockies

Seles rallies to beat Sanchez-Vicario

Overtime: Boxing bouts slated today

McGwire nails 69th, 70th homers

Foreman vs. Holmes: a fight for the aged

Cycling team doctors rebuked

Braves ready for postseason

Family matter: Stottlemyre vs. Stottlemyre

Cubs travel to Atlanta

Yankees fete DiMaggio

Daly is relaxed in return to competitive golf

Kenyans win Philadelphia Distance Run

Braves ambush the Mets

Nelson wins Boone Valley seniors

What a day in baseball!

Playoff season starts early with Giants-Cubs

Henry says Marlins sale might be in jeopardy

Sutton wins Texas Open

Overtime: Opening of IceForum is set back

Starless U.S. team stumped

Lewis' performance mirrors Holyfield's

Secondhand smoke may increase fetus' risk of childhood cancer

Age old questions

Night watch

'Felicity' is finally premiering

Promise for those who can't take Viagara

Off the Wall: Arts can strengthen soul, ego

Expert doubts authenticity of possible Lincoln photo

People's pharmacy

Senior calendar

The Divine Miss M has uplifting plans

'Roseanne' show yanked from local lineup

Xtreme audio

Your style

Lisa Loeb sees life through funny glasses

The big screen

Practicing their ABZ's

Fox Sports fares better with golf software

For some, charity begins on the home page

Scientists zeroing in on gene for inherited prostate cancer

Nasal spray flu vaccine found to work better than flu shot

America Online discloses $88 million charge

Technique might quickly screen cow brains for mad-cow proteins

Scientists find gene that helps mom do her job

Perturbations, pleasures and predicaments on the I-way

Surf the net for bed and breakfast inns

Final tutorial on WWW personal publishing

Internet access to articles, songs, research could be limited

Looking at computers of old

Treatment halted sickle cell damage

Hybrid poplar trees suck up heavy metals and solvents

Visa deal for programmers anger labor groups