Originally created 09/25/98

Supports mayor in re-election bid 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

This letter is in reference to mayoral candidate Bob Young's statements at a recent forum ... at the Savannah Place Community Center. Mr. Young stated that Mayor Larry Sconyers lacked leadership, and that during the crisis of the Alfaigo Davis police shooting and the Rosa Barnes drive-by shooting, Mayor Sconyers should have been the first in mourning.

I disagree with those statements due to the fact that if Mr. Young would have had any idea how our government works, he would have known the sheriff is an elected official of Richmond County and that Mayor Sconyers has no control over the sheriff's department or its deputies' actions. ...

It saddens me to say Mrs. Barnes was the innocent victim of the senseless violence in today's society for which the mayor can-not be held accountable. Never-theless, neither incident had anything to do with what Mr. Young could do for the citizens of Augusta if he is elected to the mayor's office.

In response to Mayor Sconyers' lack of leadership: No man can effectively be a leader if he has no voting power in his position, as well as no support or cooperation from his fellow commissioners. ...

Larry B. Johnson, Augusta


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