Originally created 09/25/98

Comments on the Clinton scandal 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Here are some predictions regarding our awful mess. Well, semi-predictions, if you prefer.

Resignation? Right from the beginning the perceived wisdom was almost unanimous: he'll never resign! And President Bill Clinton has verified that it's out of the question. But don't be so sure.

Oh, if you're thinking he might do it "for the good of the country," yes, you can dismiss the possibility. But he might do it for the good of himself, as the lesser of two evils, of course.

Naturally, the president and his spin doctors aren't allowing even a hint of the possibility of resignation. Once he did, that great sucking sound would be the remnants of his congressional support going down the drain.

Congress lacks the single-minded focus of the White House and has its own spin doctors. As long as some of them keep on offering the olive branch (the hint of some sort of plea-bargain offer), the president will go on stonewalling.

And even if Mr. Clinton wanted to quit, Hillary Clinton probably wouldn't let him. She spotted him early on, hitched her star to this, lived through various "peccadillos" and ended up with the big enchilada. She has the best address in the country; who'd give it up before the lease runs out? ...

Clinton N. Textor, Augusta

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