Originally created 09/25/98

Blasts Corps for banning residents 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Devastated by a tornado, the Clark Hill Lake community of Indian Cove has spent the last few months rebuilding their lives. The once-cool breezes of the tree-shaded neighborhood are now hot and dry. The trees were torn down by those mighty winds.

Neighbors helped neighbors clear each other's property of the fallen timber. They helped repair each other's homes; taking in a family if need be. They are Americans at their best: shoulders together against adversity, not quitting, not claiming to be a victim, and not asking the government to bail them out.

The U.S. Corps of Engineers did send in a logging contractor to salvage the good timber on its strip of shoreline, leaving the unwanted to rot, along with the man-made trash and uprooted stumps. The neighbors joined together and removed the man-made trash, discarded timber and uprooted stumps.

They cleared the area so that new trees will grow and in the future the Indian Cove community will again enjoy the cool breeze of a shaded shoreline.

Now the U.S. Corps of Engineers has written the neighbors and told them that they are never to set foot on Corps property again. They are banned from the lake forever. The Corps wanted nature's scar of trash, broken unwanted timber and overturned stumps to stay. This is outrageous!

Bill Lee, Augusta


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