Originally created 09/25/98

Lynx's T-shirt launching golf cart rolled out

The Augusta Lynx plan to roll out a new toy this weekend.

The Lynx Launcher, a souped-up golf cart with a nitrogen-powered T-shirt cannon, will make an appearance at the Boshears Memorial Fly-in at Daniel Field on Saturday and Sunday.

The golf cart, custom designed by Club Car, has red and blue police lights, big wheels and hub caps. The cart's side panels are painted with the professional minor league hockey team's logo, and the cannon can shoot T-shirts up to 300 feet.

"She's a lot of fun to drive," said Christy Moore, Augusta Lynx director of public relations.

The Augusta Lynx plans to use the car during game intermissions.

In addition to Club Car, other Lynx sponsors include Dizzy Chicken and Domino's Pizza. They will sell food during the games.

Sports fans who come to the first game Oct. 15 might not know what the launcher is when they first see it.

"But all the sudden you hear this boom -- and T-shirts start flying out and you realize what it is," Ms. Moore said.

The team is thinking about adding a horn next.

"We keep tweaking it," Ms. Moore said.

So far, more than 1,500 season tickets have been sold. They cost $265 to $425, depending on the seating section. Individual game tickets range from $8 to $13.

Tickets are still available. For information, call 724-4ICE.


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