Cigarette makers offering discounts

Lynx's T-shirt launching golf cart rolled out

Russian government seeks additional aid

House panel approves bill to fight slamming

Augusta site chosen by Delta Airlines

Dow gives plummets one day after Greenspan rally

NationsBank merger still expected despite stock tumble

Broader trade treaty powers for Clinton seem dead

Business briefs

Mortgage rates lowest in three decades

Bankruptcy law changes proposed

Russian premier unveils economic plan

China's trade deficit threatens U.S. relations

Tokyo stock prices surge on hopes of U.S. rate cut

Fed approves Citicorp and Travelers merger

New $20 bills begin circulating

Airlines to ask for next-of-kin

Gore blasts GOP for tax cut proposal

Russian middle class on the hunt for jobs

Seibels Bruce Group to insure S.C. risky drivers

IRS approves new taxpayer-friendly mission statement

Philippine Airlines closes after stalemate with union

Options considered for Regency Mall

New $20 bills to circulate Thursday

Greenspan signals need for rate cut

Florida State players back for practice after illness

Huskers find success

Mississippi State likes dominating Gamecocks

College football notes

ACC notes: 'Noles, Blue Devils down with viruses last week

SEC reaches bowl agreements with Peach, Cotton, Outback

Arizona scrambles past San Diego St.

Aggies forfeit victory over ineligible player

SEC notes: Josey's Grant leads way for Vols

S.C. prep notebook

Georgia Prep notebook

Good kickers a real luxury

ARC, Josey set renew rivalry

The dynamic duo

Top South Carolina prep games

Grand jury approves county officials' work

Van ban frustrates parents

County may alter rules on sediment

GOP turns to nasty campaign strategies

County to adopt project

Reporting HIV cases discussed

Wetlands may gain approval

Teen artist garners attention

Man plans to search for Nessie

Magic software

Volunteers to aid hurricane victims

Safety City

Poverty declines sharply

Landfill project overdue

Across the area

Families reclaim streets

SRS fined for safety standard violations

Across the area

Barnes ad attacks opponent's ethics

Protection from varmints

Christmas coming too early

Teen-ager planning to study in business program

Trial slated to start for ex-researcher

Department creates plan to address shortcomings

Ex-commissioner plans tax to pay for care of poor

Unsure shot

49ers to battle Falcons for NFC West

Are the Seahawks for real?

Falcons anticipate upset

Dolphins brace for Hurricane Georges

Hearst charges through

Former college foes meet again

Carolina notes: Winless start aggrevates Richardson

Falcons' bandwagon in slow motion

Ex-Tiger ready for new start

Anaheim enters NFL derby

Falcons notes: Buchanan savors Rice matchup

Fear of lingering injury could sideline Elway

Leaf regrets blowup at reporter

Chargers lose safety Dumas for season

Elway practices, status still uncertain

Mr. Gary Hazlett

Mr. Lorenzo Drayton

Mr. Curtis Mitchell

Mr. Joe Medlin

Mrs. Annie Long

Mr. John Edwards

Mr. David Purnell Sr.

Mr. Cleon Mauldin

Mr. Dennis Poff Jr.

Mrs. Florence Shoemaker

Mrs. Donnie Cotton

Mrs. Georgia Eagle

Mrs. Alice Inman

Mrs. Jewell Smith

Mr. Larry Morris

Mrs. Reathy Sutton

Mr. Willie Dunbar

Mr. H. Talmadge Parker Jr.

Rev. Leslie Henderson

Mr. Ollie Green

Dale Phillips

Mr. Kenneth Symonds

Mr. John Knight

Mr. William Ivie

Mrs. Jessie Glover

Mrs. Mattie Jeffers

Mr. Charlie Hodges Jr.

Mr. William Arthur

Mrs. Margaret Mills

Mrs. Annie Jackson

Mr. Albert Cave

Mr. Ronald Wilson

Mrs. Ella Thurmond

Mr. Hugh Bedingfield Jr.

Mr. Walter Matejka Jr.

Mr. Emory Hussey

Mr. Derral Creswell Sr.

Mr. Marion Griffin Sr.

Mrs. Janie Jackson

Mr. Albert Shaffer

Mr. William Thomas

Mrs. Fannie Gardner

Mrs. Elsie Videtto

Mr. Arthur Chapman

Praise Arts Council for festival 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Criticizes architecture of new building 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Character counts 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Starr owes Americans apology 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Injection call lauded 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Questions Clinton's actions 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says 'ignorance is not excuse' 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Doesn't understand the problem 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Disagrees on switch of principals 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Aiken nails deadbeat 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Give board a chance! 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Fighting recession 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts protesting students, parents 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Comments on the Clinton scandal 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Notes irony in Clinton speech 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports mayor in re-election bid 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Claims child care article misleading 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Shoot 'outdoor tax' 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts Corps for banning residents 092598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Boxing enjoys TV revival

Committee approves sky boxes

Home-course advantage helps Cross win tourney

Bean wants rematch with Holyfield

Wagner is proud to be a footnote

Lynx GM anticipates success

NBA cancels 24 exhibition games

Seles beats retiring Sawamatsu

Braves notebook

Fishing report: Crappie bite improving in Thurmond Lake areas

Hockey roundup

NHL to test coliseum safety

Ligtenberg helps save the Braves

IOC: FloJo passed tough drug tests

Tyson license may be in more jeopardy

Braves blank Florida, get ready for playoffs

Sosa ties McGwire

Sanchez-Vicario, Kournikova advance

There's an air raid coming

Health capsules

Ramblin' Rhodes: I love Dolly Parton

'Porgy and Bess' creator changed musical theater

Season premiere of 'ER' has new face

Mulch is last, but essential

Meningitis developing resistance to treatment

'Ronin' features international flavor

Video releases

Country radio team receives national award

Bacteria sickens as many as 165 diners

Gardening calendar

Possible salmonella exposure prompts recall

Confederate Railroad to be on track this time

Smiley face leads in voting for '70s stamps

Plenty of blues, not enough beer

The sneezing season

Army worms continue their assault on area's lawns


Bring an appetite to Harriet's Kitchen

Concert watch

Heart disease: Treatment gaining ground

Club calendar

Top cloning researcher tapped for UGA chair

Security of government data questioned

Inventors display wares

House panel approves limits on kids' access to Internet porn

There may be more planets than thought

Antidepressants play bit part in Coles-Coverdell drug debate

Infidelity common among birds and mammals

CDC: Using AIDS drugs to prevent infection unproven

A satellite with wings

Interstate pollution ordered cut by EPA

Digging the past

Using AIDS drugs to prevent infection unproven and risky

Mars Global Surveyor to tighten orbit around Mars

N.J. schools expected to discourage use of andro

Muscle-building supplement commercials pulled

New chips laced with herbs to promote well-being