Originally created 09/24/98

Criticizes architecture of new building 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Each day I travel on Washington Road. Several months ago construction began on a new building very close to the National Hills Shopping Center. As construction progressed, questions began to come to mind. Nothing identified what this building was to be. Then a sign appeared and ownership was evident.

The building is very close to the Augusta National. One must question if an architect was involved in the design of this structure. I asked myself: Why does it look like a 1900's abandoned, bricked up, downtown facility? Was it meant to look like a general store from Dodge City (circa 1800)? Or, could this be a house of ill-repute to service the tourist crowds? (This last thought came to mind when a huge metal security gate appeared over the front entrance along with a grand, stained-glassed door and two oversized entry lamps.)

Are there any zoning controls, reviews or rules in our city? Think of Charleston and how beautiful it strikes the eye. There, I understand, an architectural committee must approve designs for aesthetic quality and for consistency with some basic standards before building can begin. Wake up.

J. Hart, Augusta


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