Originally created 09/24/98

Blasts protesting students, parents 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

It's is time for our students in Richmond County Schools to learn that life is not easy. You can't always have everything you want. Growing up is one thing and responsibility is another. Learning how to accept change is the main thing. ... School is what you make it.

As an alumni and former Miss T. W. Josey, I must say that Josey is a great school. It has an excellent faculty and staff. It's losing a great principal and gaining a great principal. ...

When something happens at Josey, you can expect it to be in the paper on the front page of The Chronicle or on the front page of the Metro section. If something happens at other schools you will rarely hear about it. I believe what you do for one, you should do for them all. ...

Parents need to learn that faculty and staff are not intimidated by them. I'm tired of the whining -- the whining needs to stop! You can write all the letters, place all the phone calls and even show up on the front porches of (the) authorities' homes. You aren't running the classroom and workplace. ...

I'm sick and tired of overpaid, semi-educated, misinformed and down-right foolish parents yelling and screaming about their rights. Superintendent Dr. Charles Larke was hired to do a job and, just because parents disagree with this particular move, (they) want to scream.

They weren't screaming when test scores went up. I really haven't decided whose the worst: spoiled parents or spoiled students who have grown up during the last 15 years and are now adults. If the shoes fit, wear them!

L. Thomas, Martinez


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