Originally created 09/24/98

Notes irony in Clinton speech 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re the Sept. 4 news article, "President offers his condolences to blast victims." Bill Clinton said, "There's no word to explain the mindless act of terror that grabs the life of an innocent ... by killing ... those about to be born."

Mr. Clinton seems to be quite repulsed by a Northern Ireland explosion that rips the life of "those about to be born" from the wombs of their mothers.

He then returns to America and aggressively condones the same result of "those about to be born" as their bodies are ripped piece by piece out of the womb of their mothers with a vacuum. Quite incongruous, wouldn't you say? Oh wait, that's called planned parenthood. They're the ones who claim to help you plan for parenthood while convincing you it's best to prevent it. Quite the paradox, wouldn't you say?

Now, the $1 million question: While Louis Freeh is being asked by Congress to "Consider the legality of assassinating suspected terrorists (The Chronicle, Sept. 4)," will there be special considerations made for abortionists? They both produce terror upon the unsuspecting.

Quite the Pandora's Box, wouldn't you say?

Danny Himsey, Aiken


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