Originally created 09/24/98

Says 'ignorance is not excuse' 092498 - The Augusta Chronicle

I am a sophomore at Thomson High and have been following the unwanted animals story in The Chronicle as part of a school project.

In a Sept. 17 article, I read a statement by Augusta Commissioner Freddie Handy saying he was not aware his committee was responsible for the animal control department.

I am concerned about the fact that there are public officials who do not know what their job responsibilities are.

Mr. Handy may feel pleading ignorance may shift the blame of the situation away from him. In fact, it focuses more blame on him.

When Mr. Handy took the job as commissioner, it was his responsibility to find out what his duties were.

As a student, I am aware that ignorance is no excuse -- and it should not be tolerated in this situation.

Nicholas G. English, Thomson


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