Originally created 09/24/98

Smiley face leads in voting for '70s stamps

WASHINGTON -- That round yellow smiley face has good reason to grin: It's in first place in the voting for stamps of the 1970s.

Voting continues through the end of the month. Fifteen people and events will be selected to appear on stamps commemorating that decade.

So far, the smiley face is the top vote-getter with 201,308.

The "Sesame Street" television series is second, with 171,093 votes, followed by the nation's bicentennial, with 164,251.

Rounding out the top five are the disco dance craze, 156,674, and Earth Day, 155,375.

Ballots are available in post offices and via the Internet at http://stampvote.msn.com.

Americans cast their ballots previously for stamps to represent the 1950s and 1960s, and Postmaster General William Henderson noted Wednesday that "choices lagging behind in early voting can rally to make the list of 15 winning stamp subjects."

The balloting is part of the post office's Celebrate The Century program for which it is issuing 15 stamps for each decade of the century.

Postal officials picked the subjects for the first half of the century and invited the public to vote on the final five decades. It is the first time the public has been able to vote on stamp subjects.

The stamp ballot divides the subjects into five categories. Winners are the top two vote-getters in each category plus the next five highest.

Here are voting results so far:

People and Events: Bicentennial, 164,251; Earth Day, 155,375; women's rights movement, 129,577; Watergate, 62,792; opening of China, 57,048; oil shortage, 53,196.

Arts and Entertainment: "Sesame Street," 171,093; "All in the Family" television show, 96,170; "Roots" book and television show, 84,632; Public Broadcasting System and National Public Radio, 84,147; "The Godfather" movie, 74,731; photo-realism, 42,433; "A Chorus Line," 40,767; "Spiral Jetty" artwork in Great Salt Lake, 31,579.

Sports: "Monday Night Football," 141,909; racehorse Secretariat, 118,400; Pittsburgh Steelers football dynasty, 117,672; popularity of soccer leagues, 71,610; growth of tennis, 68,294, Oakland A's baseball team, 55,854.

Science and Technology: Popularity of VCRs, 152,002; development of medical imaging, 135,988; jumbo jets, 133,772; "Pioneer 10," 112,901.

Lifestyle: Smiley face, 201,308; disco, 156,674; 1970s fashions, 126,813; jogging, 59,076; citizens band radio, 53,092; postmodern architecture, 38,325.


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