Silly Putty turns 50

Battle for business heats up

Pet insurance industry growing

Morris receives promotion

Asian economic crisis hurts region's airlines

Bankruptcy filings on rise

Digital service coming

Wireless companies get OK for Internet access

Business calendar: North Augusta chamber sponsors lending seminar

Dollar keeps Cubans afloat

Bulldogs overcome mistakes, but can't keep this up

LSU takes command over Auburn

Bulldogs hold off Cowboys

Volunteers get 1st Florida win in 6 years

Georgia lacks offensive personality

No. 1 Ohio St. whips Missouri

Eagles' opt for old school offensive set

Mississippi outclasses Vandy

N.C. State comes up short on last drive against Baylor

Tigers tamed by Virginia

Georgia Southern tramples Wofford

Tennessee tops No. 2 Florida

Gamecocks' turnover costs game

Prep notes: ARC vs. Josey no ordinary game

Stranded ship's crew bids crewman farewell

Area's tax legislation will improve schools

Crop season pulls people to area fields

Plants sparking concern

Nationality not simple to pinpoint

Teachers taking advantage of weather, outdoor classrooms

College's research future in question

Richmond County's largest-volume spills

Hispanics find opportunities in area

Graham says he is a 'voice of reason'

Candidates reveal their office plans

Home front: Woman is force behind Harlem Learning Center

Mayoral candidates: Questions and answers

HMO ad attacks opponent

Plant's solution unclear

Sex offender registry prompts fear of vigilantes

Additional area news

Plants sparking concern

Beasley television ad links opponent with Clinton

Richmond County's largest-volume spills

Additional area news

Notables attend Aiken wedding

Local swamp now available for public use

Workers' complaint dismissed

Turnover unlikely in races

Year 2000 bug could do good

County's safety programs used as model

Families on welfare face 2001 deadline

Meeting set for hospitality tax

Mobile units gain favor

Road plan in regional funds list

Hispanics find opportunities in area

Family burning to fight fires

Project ground broken

Ex-general rallies support of veterans

McIntyre's past holds good, bad

Smith a big concern for Giants Monday night

Jaguars outman Ravens

Falcons' real test comes next Sunday

Jets pull off rout of Colts

Banks scores at end to give Rams victory

Dolphins shutout Steelers

Vikings hold Sanders to 24 yards

Broncos bolt away from Raiders

Pats come back late in win

Leaf plays poorly in loss to Chiefs

Bucs end slow start by whipping Bears

Seattle perfect vs. winless 'Skins

Falcons' real test comes next Sunday

Mr. John Green Sr.

Mr. L. Gordon Perry

Mr. Herman Floyd

Mrs. Carol Rhoden

Mr. Harry Seago

Mr. William McDonald

Mr. John Cothran

Mrs. Thelma Drake

Mrs. Ruby Cleveland

Mr. Walter Taylor

Mrs. Jean Dant

Ms. Mary Edwards

Mrs. Katie Bessinger

Mr. Tommy Pitts Jr.

Mrs. Lunette Livingston

Mrs. Queenie Taylor

Mr. Benjamin Wise

Mr. John Murrell

Mr. William MacDonald Sr.

Rayanna Evans

Mrs. Mary Alice Polk

Mrs. Alberta Wiggins

Mrs. Myrtle Fowler

Mrs. Rosa Lane

Mrs. Thelma Edwards

Mr. Robert Houck

Mrs. Pauline Creel

Mrs. Dorothy Taylor

Mrs. Selena Wertz

Wants loud audio systems off road 092198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Shocking vandalism 092098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Claims 'spiritual warfare' taking place 092098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says 5-year-olds not ready to read 092098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Asks for gubernatorial debate 092198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants mayor to be re-elected 092098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: Clinton scandal affects Ga., S.C. races 092098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Disappointed with Starr report 092098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Questions logic of SRS editorial 092098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Urges continuing animal reports 092098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Dislikes switch of school principals 092198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Tells Americans to 'listen more' 092198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Protests punishment for speeding 092198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says Clinton should be 'fired' 092198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: Could George W. Bush restore dignity to the presidency? 092198 - The Augusta Chronicle

U.S. vulnerable 092198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits 'insulting' spin 092098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Save cost-cut program 092198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Column: Avoid choosing the bad ideas in education 092098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits double standard 092198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Points out other issues 092098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Pepper and Steinhauer guide U.S. to another Solheim win

Louie is hockey fans' Lynx link

Fleisher playing loose and leading B.C. Open by shot

It was Sammy Day in Chicago

Poll: What's the toughest record to break?

Tyson could be fighting as early as November

Overtime: Aussie feud posing threat to Cup squad

Ripken ends start streak at 2,632

Kids can fish free at McDuffie, Fort Gordon ponds

McGwire accepting attention

Braves notes: Smoltz to start playoffs

Earnhardt drives to milestone

Paul wins for first time in 15 years

Glavine performs like Cy Young winner

Braves notes: Tendinitis in elbow giving Lopez fits

McGwire slams 65th homer

Chavez quits; De La Hoya gets his satisfaction

Is some bite left in 'Monster'?

Some marks unlikely to fall

Psychiatrist to determine Tyson fitness

Parel has three bogeys, still shoots 61

Martin sets Dover record

Ripken's streak to be topic on Orioles' table

Braves skin Diamondbacks

Maddux didn't remember old quote

Perry wins first title after 14 years on tour

Bean makes his shot at champ interesting

Bean forces Holyfield to go 12 for decision

Soprano loses out for musical honor

Fine arts calendar

Artists draw crowds at fair

New fall season offers some offbeat stuff

Best selling books

Page-turner is throat-grabber, too

Test tube

Vacation photo show

Disappearances feed Grootslang legend

What to do about inquisitive stranger

The pop culture policeman strikes again in new book

Some users have nowhere to store web pages

Is scanner better than digital camera?

Web site plays markets regarding politics

Many need upgrades to money management software

Health officials get ready to give flu inoculations

Pajama Sam offers kids a PC quest

Ex-hackers on guard online

What does quantum theory show about socks?

TV, films become games

Study of brain is revealing

MSNBC was a popular site recently

It's the perfect time of year for

Systems usually not designed for kid-sized users