Originally created 09/13/98

Comment on `disturbing' pet article 091398 - The Augusta Chronicle

I did not appreciate your paper printing the horrible picture, "Pet problems," on Sept. 6. I do not agree that this will cause people who are abusive to animals or not responsible with their animals to change. I think this will always be a problem -- a very sad problem.

I have to wonder if those people who abuse, neglect or simply aren't responsible with their animals were punished more, would this help? It's surely worth a try.

As an animal lover and responsible pet owner, I am always aware of animals. When I see a situation of abuse or neglect, I report it. I have taken hurt and homeless animals to the Humane Society in Aiken. I cannot keep all these animals. I also feel that putting them to sleep is more humane then animals living on the street.

The root of the problem may be people who don't have their animals "fixed." ... Maybe these people should get stiff fines. They are responsible for the over-population. It's time they were held responsible.

Julie A. Roberts,North Augusta


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