Originally created 09/13/98

Comment on `disturbing' pet article 091398 - The Augusta Chronicle

I do not fault you for writing such a disturbing article as that about Richmond County Animal Control's killing of homeless dogs and cats. The general public needs to know what happens to their "pets" when they toss them away. But, in the name of God, can they please join modern times and start with humane execution instead of (using) the gas chamber where the poor animals suffer excruciating pain for a minute or more?

Shame on the Animal Control agency and the Richmond County government to allow such practices. It just shows how behind the times our city government really is. How can these people look into the soulful eyes of trusting dogs and cats, who just want to be loved, for even one minute, and put them in the gas chamber -- a decompression chamber -- which causes excruciating pain, as evidenced by the mournful wails and cries of the dogs for one minute.

How can these people sleep at night? May God have mercy on these poor animals.

E. Steiner,Augusta


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