Originally created 09/13/98

Says Clinton should be relieved of command 091398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Like any law enforcement office who is put on probation for failing to carry out prescribed duties according to the law, President Bill Clinton should be relieved of his constitutional duties and power forthwith, pending the investigation and resolution of the current charges made against him. Right now the president is prime for manipulation by friend and foe alike, at the expense of the nation.

Apparently the provisions of the U.S. Army regulation AR380-5 does not apply to the president who is titular commander in chief of the armed forces. And, as a result, can still access any and all top secret, secret and confidential information pertaining to its deployment and use -- such as his recent use of force against Sudan and Afghanistan, the preempted attack information which the president shared with no one outside the military, and, perhaps, the dour national security adviser, who was beside himself with satisfaction as he explained the president's reason for the attacks.

Defiling the presidency and the White House Oval Office calls for immediate resignation. ...

John P. Reichel,Martinez


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