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Asks that Clinton be a 'man of honor' 091398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Gene Norris's recent column asked us to forgive President Clinton. He also nailed the "Republicans and the Republican-led media" (When did this happen? I thought they were liberals.) for the "derisive manner" in which they respond to the president's "mindless venture."...

"Forgiveness" is the act of pardoning a wrong. It involves confession which may be prompted by confrontation with the truth, as Nathan the prophet confronted David and as Ken Starr confronted Mr. Clinton. Confession means you call something the same thing as God calls it. In this case, sin or adultery. Mr. Clinton calls it "improper" but justifies his other sin (lying) as "legally accurate."

David, on the other hand, made a public confession (read Psalm 51) in which he said, "I acknowledge my trangressions; and my sin is ever before me." David did not think it a "private matter." Another contrast: David never criticized or attacked Nathan the prophet, as President Clinton has attacked Ken Starr.

Forgiveness does not always mean we can "move on" as if nothing happened. David had consequences for his actions. God forgave him but David's child died, the nation of Israel suffered humiliation in the eyes of their enemies, God's name was blasphemed due to David's act, and David and his family and his nation suffered greatly through tragedies and wars.

The purpose of consequences for sin is to draw us closer to God, to help us see that we cannot live a sinless life without Him and to show us our moral weakness.

President Clinton lost a chance to become the most revered president of all time, not by keeping quiet about the adultery and deceit, but by truly admitting it when it was first revealed. President Clinton could have been a man of honor by admitting his sin, asking God, his family, and the country to forgive him, and then leading the nation back to righteousness and to God. ...

Perhaps President Clinton will still do this. Whether it is in his resignation speech (as I predict will happen) or at some other time. ...

Gary Heffner,Augusta


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