Originally created 09/13/98

Protests perpetual payment for pipe 091398 - The Augusta Chronicle

In support of David K. Simpson's Aug. 15 letter, "Reveals surprise in July gas bill," I would like to put in my two cents worth.

I am very angry at the tacking on of a base charge. My April, May, June and July bills were nothing less than robbery. The actual gas used averaged around $11 for each month. But the amount due averaged around $38 for each month. I was told the base charge pays for the line coming in.

This line must be gold plated because if in 20 years of being in the ground, it hasn't been paid for yet, then it must be gold. When you buy something on credit, you make payments toward some end. But obviously there's no end to this base charge payment.

Someone should work toward an end to this. All who read this letter, please join me in trying to stop this robbery by calling our Public Service Commission (in Atlanta).

Steve Rabalais,Augsuta


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