Originally created 09/13/98

Urges write-in votes in S.C. race 091398 - The Augusta Chronicle

While Georgia is being afforded a better solution in the candidates vying for the governor's office this year, South Carolina is not. ...

In his last outing in 1994, Gov. David Beasley received a generous campaign donation from an Indiana pharmaceutical giant. This giant appeared on (the) 60 Minutes television series this past year as paying alcoholics and homeless people to test experimental drugs.

Gov. Beasley graced television campaigns waging a war on teen-age smoking. The same Mr. Beasley was later caught in a press picture holding a cigar while on a Harley Davidson chopper for the grand opening of the House of Blues venue at Myrtle Beach.

And you may also remember he had pledged to conservative voters in the first election to save the Confederate heritage symbol. Then he aggressively fought to remove it from the Columbia statehouse.

The Democratic opposition has no better record, nor does he pose any serious formidable challenge for the incumbent's seat. Harken! There is an option.

The moral minority and Republicans should not dishearten. Republican Arthur Ravenel provided proven leadership to South Carolina constituents four times as a congressman. Mr. Ravenel is an individual of unswerving moral character in these tainted times and is dedicated to improving education in the state.

Ross Perot, if anything, surprised the masses in the power of the individual vote in his first campaign. While I'm not asking people to disperse their votes, I am emphasizing the power of your vote. Write-in on the South Carolina November (election) ballot if you so desire. ...

Chris Dabrowski,North Augusta


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