Originally created 09/13/98

Grieves for planetand the alligators 091398 - The Augusta Chronicle

In response to the Sept. 1 letter by Paul Louis on the alligator in the canal, maybe the alligator, like many other animals on this planet, would like to hear of the removal of man from this Earth -- including idiots like Mr. Louis.

Humans seek to kill off anything that gets in the way, including other humans. Land has been systematically taken away from creatures who were here long before we were.

In the name of progress, we have destroyed this planet. Future generations will never see some of the things we are lucky to see today. One of them being the alligator trying very hard to survive.

Mr. Louis should keep in mind that man is an animal and will one day be wiped from this Earth also.

This planet is already starting to fight back: the destruction of rain forests and new viruses killing us off. It won't stop until man is gone.

It saddens me to read letters like this because Mr. Louis is not alone in his thinking. It saddens me to see garbage piled along the roadways because people could care less. I grieve for this planet and all the animals that will disappear. I grieve for mankind because, like Mr. Louis, most are idiots.

Sherry Carver,Augusta


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