Originally created 09/13/98

Blasts PSC `deal' with gas company 091398 - The Augusta Chronicle

I wonder how much our Georgia Public Service commissioners stuck in their pockets to let this deal go through with Atlanta Gas and Light Co. Competition is usually beneficial to the consumers as is evidenced by de-regulation of long distance telephone (services), but look at the sweet deal (that) Atlanta Gas and Light Co. worked out.

According to the gas company (information they put out on the Internet), the average consumer bill will increase only $2.25 a month. Why should it increase at all? Isn't competition supposed to make gas cheaper?

It appears the gas company is surpassed only by President Bill Clinton in lying to the public. Recent gas bills reflect a base charge from $20 to $25 (just to deliver your gas to your homes). This will apply even with no consumption. My summer bills have been averaging from $11 to $13 a month.

But the last billing averaged $23.13, including only $1.75 for consumption. My neighbors, who have larger families, have experienced bills twice this amount.

Based on the increase in my bill alone, which is at the bottom of the spectrum, the gas company will generate an astounding one-fifth of a billion dollars annually in additional revenue. Do we need this kind of competition? I'm sure the Atlanta Gas and Light Co. is laughing all the way to the bank.

Someone needs to ask some serious questions of the Public Utilities Commission for allowing a travesty like this to be imposed on the people of Georgia. Weren't they appointed by the government to protect the public against unfair practices such as this?

Hugh Smith,Martinez


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