Originally created 09/12/98

Questions bonuses paid by Family Y 091298 - The Augusta Chronicle

There is no doubt the United Way serves a very useful function in our community, providing financial assistance to a number of "nonprofit" organizations. With interest, I have read the recent "kick off" for the coming year and question the criteria used in providing this service to these nonprofit organizations.

As a former employee (ex-bookkeeper) for the YWCA (now part of the Family Y) I noted the YWCA received a monthly amount of almost $10,000 in financial assistance for this so-called nonprofit organization. Since the YMCA is now part of the Family Y, I can only assume they too receive an equal or greater amount than that of the YWCA.

The pledges made by members of the community are to help support these so-called nonprofit organizations. Yet in 1997 there were several thousand dollars given as bonuses to certain employees of the Family Y. Furthermore, there are other organizations deprived of money from the United Way due to limited funds.

I question an organization being given these pledged funds while others are being deprived or cut back. If an organization is so profitable that it can provide bonus money to certain employees, they should not be receiving funds from the United Way.

Jon S. Zern,Grovetown

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