Originally created 09/12/98

Protests `double standard' for labor 091298 - The Augusta Chronicle

After The Chronicle has indulged in its annual labor bashing editorial on Labor Day, let me raise some questions for the thinking folks who subscribe.

How many employees who are involved in profit sharing situations at work are asked by the company's board of directors who the company should support in a political campaign?

Does The Chronicle poll its employees before it endorses candidates to make sure the endorsement reflects the wishes of the majority?

If I don't understand what's going on in my congressional district, is it Rep. Charlie Norwood's, R-Ga., fault?

Does an elected government official represent only those who want to be spoken for by them, or does that person represent the entire voting body?

Who outspent whom, nearly four to one, when Mr. Norwood ran against the "money-laden, labor-backed" David Bell a few years back?

Can I say that I want my tax dollars spent here but not there, according to my preference, as a U.S. citizen?

If we're going to hold labor unions to such lofty ideals, let's hold everyone to it!

Mike Hale,Evans


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