Originally created 09/07/98

A demented sport 090798 - The Augusta Chronicle

You've come a long way, Baby -- especially when boxing commissions around the country begin writing rules to accommodate female pugilists.

This became necessary in Georgia when it was learned that one woman boxer, slated to be on an undercard for an Evander Holyfield fight, was five months pregnant.

The first rule for distaff warriors: pregnancy tests; if you're with child, you're barred from the ring.

Other rules require wearing protective gear on areas of the body where men don't need it and in some cases shorter and fewer rounds than men fight.

Boxing promoter Don King is given credit, if you can call it that, for taking what was once a chic workout for physically fit women and putting them in the ring for people to pay to see them beat their brains out.

Some thoughts on this sordid development:

One more reason why killer and ripoff artist Don King belongs behind bars.

The widespread notion that women have better sense than men is exposed as a myth.

In U.S. sports, as in morals, arts and culture, normalcy is being defined downward.

Maybe the U.S. is as "barbaric" as some of our critics say; after all, few nations allow women to fight professionally. It's too bad Georgia does.

Indeed, the British Medical Association calls female fisticuffs "a demented extension of equal opportunity."


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