Originally created 09/07/98

Applauds schools hitting the Internet 090798 - The Augusta Chronicle

I was very interested in the article in the Aug. 25 paper regarding Columbia County schools hitting the Internet. Since my school, Jenkins County Middle High School, has been on the Internet for three years already, I applaud Columbia County schools for its move to do the same.

Oh, I'll readily admit there are a lot of spurious sites out there, but they are going to exist anyway. There are ways to prevent students from accessing them, either by utilizing "blocking" technologies or by the best method of all -- teacher vigilance.

The good things available on the Internet far outweigh the bad, so if we want our kids to explore the world and be ready for the 21st century, we can't deny them access to the Internet and the World Wide Web today.

All of the research projects I assigned over the past two years required accessing sources from the Internet. The old standby and student's best friend, the encyclopedia, is out of date the minute the ink is dry, but the Internet is right now and that's the best there is.

So, if anyone questions the efficacy of this tool in the classroom, they will be short-changing their children and their chances for success in the high-tech world of the future.

Seth Benson, Millen


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