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Says voters responsible for decline 090798 - The Augusta Chronicle

Regarding "reasons for the decline of society."

Let me see, what I read was:

Prayer in school prohibited. Not really -- just organized prayer and then only in certain schools. I know students who pray in school, within themselves, daily.

Abortion on demand ruled legal. Abortion happened before it was legal, it was just under-the-table, and a lot more dangerous unless you had lots of money.

Drugs in school. Tobacco and alcohol (are) at home. These two drugs kill more people than all illegal drugs combined. Alcohol and tobacco have been used by "some" minors, while in school, back in my grandmothers day. It doesn't wash.

To say the parents don't know what the children do away from home does not remove the responsibility from the parents.

Then what kind of examples do the parents set for their children? How many parents out there do the speed limit? Few, if any. This is just a small example of what children learn from their parents. If the speed limit, which is a law, does not matter to Mom and Dad, what laws do matter? None, unless you get caught. And then, if you have the money, you can get away with murder. Children learn by example. If parents lie, cheat, break the law, then the children see that it is OK -- if you don't get caught.

What a joke to blame the decline of society on the president. ...The people of the United States who took the time to vote elected him. The people of the United States, who voted for him, knew he was a womanizing, dope smoking, war protesting, professional politican before they elected him. If you voted for George Bush or Ross Perot, you lost. Too bad. If you did not vote, you are a loser who has no right to complain about the system at all. ...

Ernerst W. Erdman, Hephzibah

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