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Wonders why she can't get welfare 090698 - The Augusta Chronicle

If I was to have a child or two, the welfare system would be more than happy to give me housing, an automated teller machine card, an education and all the medical benefits I would want. If I was a criminal, the justice system would also give me housing, food, an education and all the medical benefits I would want.

So what is wrong with this picture?

Because I have chosen to not have a half a dozen children or to deal drugs, I can't get help from the state or the government. In fact, I was laughed at when I went to the welfare office downtown on Fenwick Street and asked them how I could apply for assistance. Of course, the department wanted to know how many dependents I had, and when I replied one -- Me! The lady draped in gold thought I was kidding. She started laughing until tears were streaming from her eyes. The only (thing) was that I wasn't laughing with her, because I wasn't kidding.

I depend on myself; therefore, I have one dependent -- myself.

So why can't I get help to continue helping myself? Why is something so important (as) keeping a healthy life to keep living denied to those who need it (medical and dental benefits)? If I can claim myself on my tax returns, then why can't I claim myself at a welfare office and get the assistance that I need so desperately?

I can't even further my education because I live with my parents and their combined retirement income is causing me to be ineligible for any type of grant. Yet, if I was on welfare or in prison, I could become a doctor, a lawyer or even a kindergarten teacher! But as a law abiding citizen, I get nothing. ...

Kelly M. Waterfield, Hephzibah


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