Originally created 09/06/98

Voices support of mayoral candidate 090698 - The Augusta Chronicle

I read with much interest that Bob Young has decided to offer himself as a candidate for the office of mayor of Augusta-Richmond County. Let me share a few words about his candidacy with your readers.

For many years, I was general manager of WBBQ radio, and during my tenure a large number of talented young people joined our organization. One of these was Mr. Young, at age 18. He was chosen because he was quite mature for his age and very competent as a beginning news reporter. He carried out his assignments and performed his duties exceedingly well prior to going into the military where he served more than one tour of duty in Vietnam. After returning home, he rejoined WBBQ as a reporter.

Soon, he was named news director of our operation -- a position he held until leaving us to take his numerous talents to television. During the years he was with WBBQ, I learned much about his character and his abilities.

As to his character, it is sterling. There is no guile in him -- he says what he means and means what he says. He is fair minded can always be trusted to try to do what is right. As to his abilities, they are outstanding. He has an analytical mind that gets to the core of a matter quickly. ...

Ed Dunbar, Augusta


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