Originally created 09/06/98

Blasts 'reliving' Diana's life, death 090698 - The Augusta Chronicle

(We've just had) the first anni-versary of the death of Princess Diana. Of course, we must all relive her life and tragic death again. Will this be a yearly obsession?

I am amazed by all the uproar over losing someone who is "just like us." In fact, Princess Diana was nothing like me. I am not a jet setter. I don't run around with million-dollar playboys, and I have never had my naked body on the cover of any tabloid magazine. I don't believe in adultery and am too busy to spend three hours a day at the gym.

The only "princess" that I've ever known was a German shepherd. My guess is that she wasn't much like any of you, either.

Please, let this woman rest in peace and let all of us move on.

Pat VanHooser, North Augusta

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