Originally created 08/30/98

Clinton hurts Democrats 083098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Last Sunday a Washington Post survey found only 19 percent of those polled thought President Bill Clinton "has high ethical and moral standards" -- a figure not trumpeted every day by the Big Media outlets.

Yet this dismal rating translates into more and more Democratic congressional candidates warning Clinton to stay away from their campaigns.

Rich Galen, who runs a political action committee for House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., -- has a further take on Clinton's "popularity":

"In 1994, two years into his first term, the Democrats lost 53 (House) seats overall. In addition, five Democrats switched to the Republican side of the aisle for a total of 58. We gave back about nine in 1996, while Clinton and Al Gore were illegally sweeping up campaign funds desperately needed by congressional Democrats. In 1998, most analysts are now looking at GOP pickups in the 12-15 range. So, Clinton's first six years as America's beloved leader will have cost the Democrats some 65 seats in the House."


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