Originally created 08/30/98

Blasts phone company's billing 083098 - The Augusta Chronicle

I've just read the Aug. 16 letter from William Shackelford on the hidden taxes from BellSouth phone bills. I totally agree that we all need to "wake up" before we are all broke!

My phone bill this month consisted of seven pages and I have a "Believe It Or Not" to warn people of.

Recently, I came home to a break-in. The window was hanging on outside of the house and the air conditioner (was) stolen.

I am a widow and was afraid to go in. I tried to call my son and the line was busy. I called the operator and told her of (my) emergency and asked her to "break in" (on the call) and ask (my son) to call me.

According to the bill, this was (a) one minute (call) -- and you're not going to believe this (I did not) -- the charge was $12.90!

I have had to do this in an emergency before and was charged $.50. I could have made a long-distance call to almost anywhere for $12.90.

My question is this: When did (the phone company) let its customers know about any of these charges? Can it just charge whatever it likes with no notices to customers? Apparently so! ...

(The phone company) can get away with anything it wants to, it would seem, but does this make it right? Does this seem fair?

It knows we all need telephones, so what can we do? I paid more for one minute than I'll bet it pays the operator for eight hours work.

Who would have ever dreamed of a seven page phone bill? The (phone company) takes the prize!

C. S. Newman, Augusta

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