Originally created 08/30/98

Wants children controlled, not guns 083098 - The Augusta Chronicle

The tragic outcome of children playing with guns is indeed heartbreaking, but the solution to this problem is not gun control, its child control.

There are thousands of homes where there are guns and children, but accidents do not occur because the children are taught obedience and have respect for the power of firearms. Nationwide, child-gun accidents are at an all time low.

The local police have too many responsibilities without having to provide a firearm depository. Each year, 500,000 homes are invaded by criminals. Are you supposed to ask the criminal to wait while you go to the depository to check out your gun? Also, please remember that registered guns were the first to be confiscated by the Gestapo. Citizens need to take responsibility for protecting themselves. Washington, a city with no guns, has the highest crime rate in the nation.

I'll be donating to the Augusta Library a copy of the book, More Guns -- Less Crime, by John Lott. I recommend it to anyone interested in another perspective on this issue.

Louis Hernandez, Augusta


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