Originally created 08/30/98

Comments on Clinton's crisis 083098 - The Augusta Chronicle

How much does a lie given under oath seven months ago by the chief law enforcement officer of the United States cost in pain, embarrassment and humiliation to family members, staunch and loyal friends, 86 grand jury witnesses and the nation as a whole?

We do know that millions oftaxpayers' dollars have been spent by the independent counsel's office, the courts and the grand jury to disprove the lie. We also know that millions of taxpayers' dollars have been spent on salaries and expenses of the propaganda teams of government lawyers, spinmeisters and staff defending this lie and sordid episode.

Let us keep in mind that none of this is the fault of the special prosecutor but is due to the dishonesty, cover-ups, stone-walling and deceit of the present administration.

Unfortunately, the office of the presidency has been diminished, defiled and, further, largely made impotent in matters concerning urgent domestic and important foreign policies. ...

A humble letter of resignation from office in the very near future would be most appropriate!

Al Kotras, Martinez


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