Originally created 08/29/98

Says monied 'buy' speech freedom 082998 - The Augusta Chronicle

I have never heard anything so ludicrous as saying restricting the inflow of cash to a campaign is infringing on "freedom of speech." Just the opposite is true!

Those with the money will buy the "freedom" to be heard. While the poorer voices will be stifled due to under-funding. Money truly is the "root of all evil."

Rarely does someone contribute large sums of money to a campaign without an ulterior motive behind it (big tobacco, for example).

One of the reasons politicians rank below homosexuals in popularity is that the wealthy have bought favorable write-offs. I think it is time someone exposes the myth of linking campaign contributions with "freedom of speech" and link it with "freedom to exploit and unduly influence." I know the publisher of this paper is a hard-core, wealthy conservative. It will be interesting if he will allow this counter view to be voiced in his paper in the interest of "freedom of speech."

Bobby Carter, Aiken

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