Originally created 08/29/98

Comments on the Clinton crisis 082998 - The Augusta Chronicle

For years I have questioned why President Bill Clinton would dodge the draft and lie about it, smoke weed and lie about that, use his wife as the bagman for a $100,000 bribe from Tyson Foods and claim it to be a "commodities market windfall," and break every campaign finance law ever enacted and use his attorney general to block an investigation -- all the while committing various and sundry other felonies.

I had hoped to gain some insight from the most loquacious Aug. 24 letter of Mr. Clinton's defender Kenneth Walker, but after some reading I realized it didn't make any sense.

Ahh, but then, thanks to the Aug. 21 letter of another Clinton defender, Rose Walker, I can finally begin to understand. Hidden racism! I should have known.

Merle Burkholder, Augusta


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