Originally created 08/29/98

Workers moving to new abode

Some Columbia County workers spent Friday cleaning out their desks and readying for a move.

By Monday afternoon, the county's finance department, now housed in a corner of the Evans Government Complex, will be in the former health department offices, which have been renovated during the last month.

"It's going pretty good," said finance director Leanne DeLoach. "We had a little snag this morning because the carpet people didn't show up. But they are supposed to be on their way."

The health department moved into a new warehouse building beside the complex in July. And although the finance move is across a hall, the department is nearly doubling its space.

The new offices will encompass about 1,800 square feet. The renovations cost the county less than $20,000, Mrs. DeLoach said.

"We have people sharing one single, small office, neither of which are working off desks," she said. "They are working off tables and bookcases because we don't have room to put a desk in there."

The department also will get a conference room for meetings.

"That's going to be shared with planning and engineering," she said.

After the finance department has moved, renovations will begin to turn the 900 square feet into more office space for engineering and planning and zoning officials.

" We're going to start on that side, and we'll tear out as much as we can before we displace the engineers," said maintenance supervisor Tony Temple, who is overseeing the renovations.

That work, which most likely will be divided into two phases, should take eight to 10 weeks to complete.


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