Originally created 08/16/98

A crude appeal 081698 - The Augusta Chronicle

If Georgia Senate Majority Leader Charles Walker, D-Augusta, ever wants to broaden his political base for a possible statewide run for public office, or if he simply desires to go down in the history books as a statesman, he must stop his longtime penchant for racial politics.

He and state Reps. Ben Allen, D-Augusta, and Henry Howard, D-Augusta, signed a July 17 "get-out-the-vote" letter endorsing two judgeship candidates. Yet the sole reason to back them, as stated crudely in their letter, was because "they are both incumbents and they are both black." (The word "black" is underlined.)

Walker, Allen and Howard would explode with outrage if white politicians mailed such a blatant racist appeal to white voters on behalf of white candidates. They ought to listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The content of one's character counts far more than the color of one's skin.


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