Originally created 08/16/98

Calls attack 'insult to intellectual honesty' 081698 - The Augusta Chronicle

Frank Oesterheld's diatribe (letter, Aug. 9) in reference to Don Touchton's earlier letter, in which (Mr. Touchton) states he did not agree with Eric Rudolph's actions but understands his rage and frustration, was an extensive attempt to vilify Mr. Touchton and misrepresent his statement and its intent. (Mr. Rudolph is the Birmingham abortion Clinic bombing suspect.)

Like many Christians and by far most pro-life advocates, Mr. Touchton clearly stated that he abhors the violence of abortion and does not condone Mr. Rudolph's alleged activity; however, his personal concern is with the growing frustration over the ever increasing acceptance of "policies of death and immorality under the label of `rights'." He stated that we tried the Nazis at the Nuremberg trials who did not rise up against Adolph Hitler's atrocities, while we now stand by and allow abortion and infanticide by partial-birth abortion to become accepted as "medical procedures." The fact is the Nazis destroyed innocent life, and we are doing the same ...

I believe Mr. Oesterheld's attack was an insult to Mr. Touchton's obvious intellectual honesty and basic decency. Is Mr. Oesterheld not aware that we have a president who has twice vetoed legislation against partial-birth abortion, which allows a legal abortion for any reason right up to the day of natural birth. Even worse, Georgia has a U.S. senator (Max Cleland) who has supported the president's veto and will probably do it again. ...

Vern Simon, Evans


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