Originally created 08/16/98

Insists gun not culprit in shooting 081698 - The Augusta Chronicle

In reference to the Aug. 7 news report of the teen girl being shot in Aiken:

Yes, I feel the hurt of what the parents, family and friends are going through. But as another story is published in reference to the shooting, I have some bad feelings toward the words of Robin Terry. She said "The safest thing is not to have a gun at all in the home."

I'm sure she has heard the saying, "The gun doesn't kill, it's the person using the gun." Now Ms. Terry, I was shot a couple of years back in the line of duty, but I didn't get mad or upset at the manufacturer. I was upset at the person who pulled the trigger, because he is the one to blame, not the gun. I still have guns in my residence, but they are safely locked up in a cabinet with the keys hidden.

So, Ms. Terry, don't blame the gun -- blame the person who used the weapon. ... I tell you, Ms. Terry, a gun is a good self defense weapon when it comes to your life.

James Turner, North Augusta

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