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Sen. Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, D-S.C., reminds me of the Cicada. It stays underground for seven years then comes out and chirps awhile and goes back undergound. Sen. Hollings stays underground six years then reappears on election years, chirps, and then we hear no more for six years.

We have had X-rated movies, and now we have an X-rated Clinton administration. Perhaps we can withstand another two and one-half years of President Bill Clinton and his cronies. However, it is horrifying that, according to the polls, a majority of our people don't care if our president is salacious and a liar.

In some pictures taken while work was being done on Augusta's water lines, it looked as if patches were placed on patches.

I've noticed that those who call for tolerance can be the most intolerant. When the term "religious Right" is mentioned, it is in a divisive manner. I would much rather be categorized as "religious Right" than "non-religious Left".

Everybody knows that the country of Colombia, South America, is an oligarchy and nearly lawless. Yet, a group of bird watchers went there to watch the birds. Shortly afterward, they were duly kidnapped and held for ransom. These people must have bird brains.

Some years ago, the late Mohandas Gandhi was asked why he was not a Christian. He said, "because of Christians." When we consider how Protestants and Catholics are butchering each other in Ireland, it makes us wonder.

Does anyone know why baseball players have to spit more than football players?

James V. Parker, North Augusta


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